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We are building a global network of scholars, teachers, and learners, who work with community partners to translate knowledge into practical results.

Our three primary research themes (Language, Sustainability, and Transnationalism, which explores the ways in which language shapes and is shaped by interactions between individuals and communities; The Communicating Mind and Body, which explores the physical and neural foundations of language; and Evolving Language in an Information Economy, which explores language’s role in information and technology) and 16 sub-themes span the interdisciplinary field of language sciences, and cover key questions our members are working to answer.

We host and support research talks, film screenings, roundtables, workshops, and a graduate conference; provide cluster funding for collaborative activities (you can request funding here); and regularly share stories and updates about our members’ work. 

Groups involved in language science research are distributed throughout UBC. Click here to view Research groups.

Explore this page for Language Sciences-funded projects, research news, and to find a collaborator for your next research project.

Research News

Language Sciences Collaborations

Title Cluster Researcher(s) Date
Psychology research during the pandemic: The upside of being onlin Royal Society of Canada Task Force on COVID-19, The Globe and Mail Janet Werker, Alona Fyshe January 25, 2021
Trolled on the Campaign Trail: Online Incivility and Abuse in Canadian Politics SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, Language Sciences Initiative, the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions Heidi Tworek, Maite Taboada October 29, 2020
Building blocks of language learning formed in infancy, and video chats can help later on Royal Society of Canada Task Force on COVID-19, The Globe and Mail Janet Werker October 9, 2020
Democratic Health Communications during Covid-19: A RAPID Response Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, the Institute for European Studies, the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Heidi Tworek September 15, 2020
Ensuring Full Literacy in a Multicultural and Digital World Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund Janet Werker, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed August 18, 2020
Centre for Community Engaged Documentation and Research Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund Daisy Rosenblum August 18, 2020