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Are you studying language in a scientific way? Are you working in language-related areas? 

UBC Language Sciences aims to connect scholars, teachers, and researchers working in all areas of the language sciences to create interdisciplinary collaborations that produce and support innovative research. We envision language sciences as a broad, inclusive field, and the Initiative as a local, national, and global network.

Whether you are UBC faculty (adjunct, sessional, or tenure-track), a graduate student, a post-doctoral fellow, or a staff member, if you are interested in language-related research or work, fill out this handy form and we'll get in touch:

Join Us!

Affiliate membership

UBC members, we welcome referrals of your collaborators for affiliate membership! Please ask them to email to enquire.

Language Sciences welcomes requests for affiliate membership from:

  • Language researchers at a non-UBC institution who have been co-authors, co-presenters, co-investigators, or co-members of a committee or initiative with a Language Sciences member, or who are actively working with a Language Sciences member towards collaboration
  • Community partners who are working with/have worked with a Language Sciences member, or who are actively working with a Language Sciences member towards collaboration
  • Industry partners, including independent consultants or researchers, who are working with/have worked with a Language Sciences member on a language-related endeavour, or who are actively working with a Language Sciences member towards collaboration

Whether or not you meet these criteria, we welcome you to attend our public events to network with other researchers and potentially to find collaboration opportunities. You can also sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on upcoming events, and use our Find a Collaborator tool to find out about researchers' areas of interest.

If you have any queries, please contact us at


Our mission is to advance scientific understanding of how language shapes our individual identities, perceptions, and interactions, our technologies, and our collective human experience.

What does membership involve?

  • Members receive updates on Language Sciences and related activities such as news, events, and opportunities, through a monthly newsletter and occasional emails
  • We invite you to create an optional public profile on the website (with the emphasis on optional!)
  • We welcome member input into the development of future activities that promote interdisciplinary collaboration and community outreach
  • We would love you to own the Language Sciences Institute: to actively engage as it grows, to create new collaborations, to form long-term partnerships, and to help shape what the Initiative will become

We host and support:

Shape the future of Language Sciences

We want to hear from our members: what events would help you collaborate with others? What workshops would broaden your research horizons? What initiatives should Language Sciences invest in? How can we help support your language-related event, workshop, meeting, or activity, including through sponsorship? Let us know at

Find a collaborator

Are you interested in working with someone in your area of research, or better yet, someone working outside your discipline in the same area of interest? Use our Find a Collaborator tool by entering a research keyword and finding other members exploring similar areas of research.

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