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Member Funding Opportunities

Language Sciences has funding available for member projects!

Three types of requests are accepted.  To learn more about them, click on the accordion below.

Research Seed Funding (Direct Research Costs)

LangSci Research Seed Funds are funds committed by Language Sciences’ governing faculties (Arts, Medicine, Science, and Education).

Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • GRA/UGRA salaries for work like data collection/entry, literature reviews, and stimulus/interview question creation
  • honoraria for research participants and consultants, data entry, or stimulus/interview question creation

Requests will be reviewed and approved by a subcommittee of the LangSci Steering Committee.  Requests should be submitted via email to using this Word or PDF form.

LangSci Member Funding (Indirect Research Costs - Knowledge Mobilization/Exchange, Grant Development Support, Workshops and Symposia)

LangSci member funds are sourced from LangSci’s Global Research Excellence Institute Funding.  

Examples of eligible expenditures include:

  • Hiring a postdoctoral fellow or Graduate (or Undergraduate) Academic Assistant to help organize a workshop or symposium, prepare a grant application, host a guest speaker, or liaise with community organizations on knowledge translation/outreach activities
  • Providing honoraria and covering travel costs for guest speakers, panelists, and community-based collaborators for workshops, symposia, and public events
  • Covering event costs such as venue rentals, catering, captioning, and interpreters
  • Covering costs related to developing and distributing tools and resources for use in-community (such as language curriculum materials)

Requests can be submitted by email to using this Word or PDF form.

Training Funds

Training funds are available through LangSci’s Global Research Excellence Institute Funding.  They are intended to help support students visiting research labs either at UBC or at other institutions, or take part in other interdisciplinary skills training opportunities outside UBC.  Appropriate use of funds include airfare and room and board. These funds may not be used to support travel to conferences, workshops, or symposia, nor may they be used to support direct costs of research, including research supplies and subject recruitment.

If funds are awarded, a written report must be submitted following the activity, detailing how the funds were used and the outcome/s of the activity.  Spending should adhere to the UBC Expenditure Guidelines, especially with regard to travel expenses.

Requests are capped at $3,000, and can be submitted via web form here. If you have questions regarding eligible uses of funds or other concerns, please email

Assessment of Requests

Requests will be assessed on:

  • Inter- and/or cross-disciplinarity
    • Request includes team members and demonstrated contributions from multiple departments and/or faculties
    • Request includes explicit statement of how proposed project crosses disciplinary boundaries
  • New teams and/or new directions
    • Proposal describes either ways in which the team constitutes a new partnership or takes an existing partnership in a new direction
  • Commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, minimally within the team and, if relevant, as an outcome of the project
  • The clarity and feasibility of the following request components:
    • Project rationale and timeline
    • Outcomes (such as events held, communications/publications, reports, policy briefs)
    • Budget
    • Roles of team members
    • Whether the request provides a clear plan and timeline for leveraging LangSci funds for external funding
Eligible Requestors

Principal requestors must be faculty at UBCV and UBCO.  However, LangSci highly encourages the involvement of trainees and colleagues at UBC and other institutions.

Ineligible Expenses

At this time, Language Sciences cannot provide funding to support development of course materials. If you are interested in matching funds for something like Teaching and Learning Enhancement Funds, please reach out to Ella Fund-Reznicek (

Submission package

Teams requesting research seed funds or member project funding can email a completed request form (Word or PDF) to  If seeking a transfer of funds to a new worktag, please also include a signed Research Project Information Form.