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Zoe Lam

Sessional Lecturer

Asian Studies

Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Zoe Lam teaches Basic Cantonese for Mandarin speakers at UBC Asian Studies.

She received her B.A. in Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies and M.Phil. in Linguistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and had taught a variety of language-related subjects at post-secondary institutions. To fulfil her interest in speech perception and heritage language maintenance, she completed her Ph.D. in Linguistics at UBC, where she investigated how heritage speakers of Cantonese in Canada perceive tones. 

As an advocate of knowledge mobilization, Zoe works closely with community members, and was the instructor of a Cantonese Saturday School held at the historic Mon Keang School in Vancouver Chinatown. She was invited to speak about her Cantonese-related academic and community work at local and international media outlets, including CBC Radio, Vancouver Sun, Metro News, Fairchild Radio, South China Morning Post, and Singtao Daily.