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Language Sciences Respectful Learning Space Statement for Events

We acknowledge that UBC Language Sciences’ work, events and services takes place on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

Language Sciences is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all event participants.

As per the UBC Statement on Respectful Environment,

"The University of British Columbia envisions a climate in which students, faculty and staff are provided with the best possible conditions for learning, researching and working, including an environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity and mutual respect.

The University of British Columbia strives to realize this vision by establishing employment and educational practices that respect the dignity of individuals and make it possible for everyone to live, work, and study in a positive and supportive environment, free from harmful behaviours such as bullying and harassment.

Excellence in learning, research and work in the university community is fostered by promoting the freest possible exchange of information, ideas, beliefs and opinions in diverse forms, and it necessarily includes dissemination and discussion of controversial topics and unpopular points of view. Respect for the value of freedom of expression and promotion of free inquiry are central to the University’s mission.

However, these freedoms cannot exist without an equally vigorous commitment to recognition of and respect for the freedoms of others, and concern for the well-being of every member of the university community. Excellence in scholarship, teaching and employment activities flows from active concern and respect for others, including their ability to participate meaningfully in the exchange of information, ideas, beliefs and opinions.”

Everyone is expected to maintain this environment by exercising consideration and respect in our speech and actions and refraining from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech (Policy #3: Discrimination and Harassment). In order to ensure this environment is one of respectful learning, those who engage in demeaning, discriminating or harrassing behaviour will be removed from the event.

If you are being discriminated against or harassed, notice that someone else is experiencing discrimination or harassment, or have any other concerns related to an individual’s or a group’s behaviour, please contact us at If there’s an immediate threat to your safety, contact Campus Security at 911 or (604) 822-2222.

Language Sciences strives to provide accessible events and services. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to let us know about an accvessibility measure, please email

Moderation policy for online events

If a comment appears to be spam, promotes drug and/or alcohol use, contains hateful speech or personal attacks on the author or other community members, we will remove the writer/speaker. The same action will be considered if a comment is published or stated for commercial purposes, off topic or takes an extreme or inappropriate tangent from the conversation, as well as if a participant displays any of the above via their video feed.

Thank you for your help in making this a safe learning space and a fantastic event!