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ElMoatez Billah Nagoudi

Postdoctoral Fellow

School of Information

Faculty of Science

Research Themes: 

Evolving Language in an Information Economy, Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

ElMoatez Billah Nagoudi is a Postdoctoral fellow in the Deep Learning and NLP Group at the University of British Columbia. His current research focuses on the development of large-scale language models for natural language understating and generation, neural detection of misinformation and machine-generated text, and multilingual machine translation.

He completed a dual Ph.D. in Computer Science from  Amar Telidji University of Laghouat, Algeria, in collaboration with Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, France.  Before UBC, he held multiple positions, including Assistant Professor at the CHL University, Algeria (2014-2019), and a Member of the Computer Science and Mathematics Laboratory (LIM), Algeria (2012-2019).