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Dr. Michael Rochemont



Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

The Communicating Mind and Body

Michael Rochemont was Professor of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia.  He was mainly cited in linguistics in two research areas: syntax and information structure. In syntax he was cited most often for his work on rightward movement/association. A recent reference to that work may be found in Chomsky 2004: 128 (Beyond Explanatory Adequacy).  In the area of information structure he was known for his work on focus. Reference to his work in that area may be found in the seminal articles by Selkirk 1995 (Handbook of Phonological Theory), Rooth 1992 (Natural Language Semantics 1) and Schwarzschild 1999 (Natural Language Semantics 7), in the survey article on focus by Krifka 1998 in MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences, and in much subsequent published research on information structure. Areas of research interest included (i) the syntactic and prosodic expression of categories of information structure within and across languages, particularly the distribution of sentence stress and deaccenting, and (ii) the syntax of association with only.

Research Interests

Rightward movement/association; focus in information structure.