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Maria Carbonetti


French, Hispanic & Italian Studies

Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Maria Carbonetti is a lecturer in the Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies (FHIS) who has developed Advanced Spanish I, II courses, and Conversational courses I and II , Advanced Spanish III 402 and Spanish Translation 401.

Carbonetti created Spanish for Community 2016, a community-based experiential learning initiative at the FHIS, after several years designing and coordinating students and instructors to deliver service-learning linguistic-based projects for organizations working with Spanish-speaking communities in BC’s Lower Mainland and in Central and South America.

Her research interests include foreign language pedagogy, language learning and cultural awareness as an embodied experience, translation as a mediation practice and its relationship with gender, class and ethnicity. 

Carbonetti obtained a Licenciatura en Letras, with specialization in Linguistics (Sociolinguistics) at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in 1988 and a Doctorate at FHIS in 2004, Hispanic Studies, on the visual and  linguistic construction of the elites in Argentina through social and cultural magazines before the first coup d' etat (1916 - 1930).