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Dr. Strang Burton

Assistant Professor of Teaching


Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Strang Burton (Ph.D. in linguistics, Rutgers University, 1995) is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in Linguistics at UBC, and also works as an employee of the Stolo Nation language program, specializing in documentation and re-vitalization work for severely endangered languages. He has worked for many years with elders and community members to document the Upriver Halq’emeylem (Halkomelem) language, working for a community-run language revitalization program, the Stolo Shxweli Halq’emeylem Language program, at the Stolo Nation, in Chilliwack, BC.

Research Interests

Documentation and re-vitalization work for severely endangered languages, particularly Upriver Halq’emeylem (Halkomelem).