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Dr. Luisa Canuto

Assistant Professor of Teaching

French, Hispanic & Italian Studies

Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Luisa Canuto has been teaching language courses for UBC French, Hispanic and Italian Studies since 1994. In that year, Luisa also founded the Italian Program for UBC Continuing Studies and developed the curriculum for the program. After winning the Killam Prize for excellence in teaching in 2000, she started working for the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (currently CTLT) as Faculty Associate and Manager, and developed educational programs for Faculty members, including Orientation events, Teaching and Learning Institutes and the Academic Leadership Development Program for new UBC Academic Leaders.

Luisa is currently full-time at the French, Hispanic and Italian Studies department with a recently acquired PhD on the topic of Service Learning for language acquisition, to teach and coordinate Italian language and culture courses. Her research interests include the use of educational technologies in the classroom, the impact of service learning on students’ linguistic and metacognitive development and curriculum program renewal and development.

Luisa has acquired graduate degrees in disciplines ranging from History to publishing to second language acquisition and teaching. Each degree reflects her diverse passions and learning interests — Italian and Venetian Medieval and Renaissance history, journalism and teaching and learning theories and best practices.

Since July 2017, Luisa has also been serving as the Peer Review of Teaching program coordinator for the Faculty of Arts and co-coordinator of the UBC Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community of Practice.