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Dr. Carolina A. Navarrete

Postdoctoral Fellow

Liu Institute for Global Issues

Faculty of Arts

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Dr. Carolina A. Navarrete obtained her PhD in Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Católica (Chile). As a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Navarrete is developing pedagogical resources in media format for students and the academic field interested in the Latin American Studies Program at UBC under the supervision of Jon Beasley-Murray. She also creates video interviews with Hispanic speakers in Canada for the OER Initiative at Athabasca University. Dr. Navarrete is also involved with the Hispanic program at UBC, designing language resources for the intermediate Spanish courses under a blended learning approach. She is Community Service Learning designer, Community Liaison at UBC. Dr. Navarrete is author of an interdisciplinary book that analyzes ego documents, specifically, women’s letters in Chile written in the 18th and 19th centuries. She has a keen interest in literary research methodologies at the post-secondary level in Canada and also in digital storytelling.

Research Interests

Literary research methodologies at the post-secondary level in Canada; digital storytelling.