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Dr. Alexandre Bouchard-Côté

Associate Professor


Faculty of Science

Research Themes: 

Evolving Language in an Information Economy

Alexandre Bouchard-Côté is an Associate Professor in the Statistics department. His main field of research is in statistical machine learning, with interests in the mathematical side of the subject as well as in applications in linguistics and biology. On the methodology side, he is interested in Monte Carlo methods such as SMC and MCMC, graphical models, non-parametric Bayesian statistics, randomized algorithms, and variational inference. His favourite applications, both in linguistics and biology, are related to phylogenetics in one way or another. Recently, he has been working on automated reconstruction of proto-languages; cancer phylogenetics; population genetics; and pedigrees, tree and alignment inference.

Research Interests

Statistical machine learning, phylogenetics, automated reconstruction of proto-languages, cancer phylogenetics