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Gasper Begus

Assistant Professor

UC Berkeley


Research Themes: 

Evolving Language in an Information Economy, The Communicating Mind and Body

Gasper Begus is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Before that, he graduated with a Ph.D. from Harvard.

His research focuses on developing deep learning models for speech data. More specifically, he train models to learn representations of spoken words from raw audio outputs. Gasper combines machine learning with behavioral experiments and statistical models to better understand how neural networks learn internal representations in speech and how humans learn to speak. He has worked and published on sound systems of various language families such as Indo-European, Caucasian, and Austronesian languages.

Research interests: Computational Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Machine Learning, Phonetics, Phonology, Speech, Speech Perception