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Dr. Constanza Rojas-Primus


Faculty, Department of Languages and Cultures, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Research Themes: 

Language, Sustainability and Transnationalism

Constanza Rojas-Primus teaches Spanish and intercultural competencies courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). She is current working on an inquiry-based research project whose main purpose is to test and inform an intercultural Spanish language curriculum in her classes to facilitate the development and enhancement of students’ intercultural communicative competences (ICC) that will prepare them for communicating effectively with both Spanish Speaking people and the global workplace and communities. Her research aims to better understand the relationship of ICC and language teaching and learning and the role language education plays in developing students’ global competences at KPU. She co-edited (with Grisel García-Pérez) the 2017 book Promoting Intercultural Communication Competencies in Higher Education.

Research Interests

Hybrid languages, Ritual languages, Language and gender, ethnicity, and identity, Syncretism and Multiculturalism, indigenous/creole languages and language planning, linguistic rights, intercultural communication competence, and critical pedagogies