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Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy

Associate Professor

University of Victoria


Research Themes: 

The Communicating Mind and Body

Alexandra D’Arcy is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and the Director of the Sociolinguistics Research Lab at the University of Victoria. Her research combines principles of quantitative modelling with theoretical linguistics. Her work draws on diachronic and synchronic corpora to examine pathways of variation and change in morphosyntax and discourse-pragmatics. She is author of Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Context (John Benjamins, 2017), which examines the history and development of like as a pragmatic feature. Her current SSHRC-funded project, Only Time Will Tell, is a longitudinal panel study that examines the emergence and early stages of vernacular re-organization among children. This project aims to tap into
the mechanisms driving language change in order to test the formative assumptions that shape current understandings of linguistic incrementation.

Research Interests

Language variation and change in morphosyntax and discourse-pragmatics