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January 28, 2019

Pharmaceutical Sciences Room 1201
2405 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

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This is the first workshop in a new series looking at the connection between linguistic documentation and language pedagogy in the context of Indigenous language revitalization.

In communities where language revitalization is a priority, linguists and linguistic anthropologists often collaborate with language educators, particularly in the creation of pedagogical materials. However, while linguists and linguistic anthropologists are trained in the area of language documentation, many lack practical knowledge about what effective pedagogical materials look like and how to measure their impact. Language educators, on the other hand, have a better idea of what is needed for pedagogical purposes, but often lack time to communicate these needs. This can make it difficult to mobilize linguistic material effectively for language revitalization purposes.

This situation highlights the multidisciplinary nature of language pedagogy, which may draw on linguistic description, but requires knowledge beyond documentation about how to effectively teach and learn language. We believe this is an area where collaboration between language activists, language teachers, and scholars working in second-language acquisition, education, linguistic documentation, and language revitalization could lead to new and innovative pedagogical materials and strategies. 

This workshop series is intended to facilitate collaboration around this intersection of language documentation and pedagogy. We are inviting a diverse audience, drawn from multiple areas within and outside the academy.

The first workshop will be given by T’łat’laḵuł Trish Rosborough, who is Kwakiutl from Fort Rupert, and is currently an Assistant Professor in Indigenous Education at UVIC.  The workshop will be held on Monday, January 28th, 3:30-5pm in Pharmaceutical Sciences Room 1201. Please RSVP here.

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