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Congratulations and thank you to graduate student Steering Committee member, Monica!

October 27, 2020

Many congratulations to Monica Shank Lauwo and Lauwo George on the birth of their son Makusaro, the newest (and youngest) Language Sciences member!

With this new responsibility, Monica will step down from her role as a member of the Language Sciences Steering Committee, representing graduate student members of Language Sciences.

We would like to thank Monica for all her hard work on the Steering Committee, including launching a number of events designed specifically for our graduate student and postdoctoral fellow members, such as the Research Day, as well as for her input into Language Sciences initiatives and plans. Monica’s thoughtful feedback has ensured these events and plans are relevant and helpful for student and postdoc members.

Monica is a consummate professional who is always willing to help out, from reviewing strategic plans to moving chairs. It's been an absolute pleasure working with her.

We know Monica will continue to do amazing work as a parent, and when she continues her LLED doctoral research in Tanzania.

Congratulations again, Monica, and here's to the next step!

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