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Related Courses

Current language sciences-related courses at UBC

For the most current information on existing courses in areas related to the Language Sciences, please visit the course calendar pages listed below (by department).

Many courses are upper-level or graduate courses that require previous knowledge or course work.  Courses with no prerequisites are indicated below(†).

UBC - Vancouver
UBC Vancouver Course Calendar Listings, by Department
Department Introductory and other Relevant Courses
Anthropology ANTH 217 Culture and Communication
ANTH 317A Linguistic Anthropology
Asian Studies
Audiology and Speech Science
Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies (CENES)
Cognitive Systems
Educational and Counseling Psychology, and Special Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering
English ENGL 140 Challenging Language Myths (equiv LING 140)†
ENGL 229 Topics in the Study of Language and/or Rhetoric†
First Nations and Endangered Languages FNEL 180 Introduction to Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization†
Language and Literacy Education
Library, Archival, and Information Studies (iSchool@UBC)
Linguistics LING 100 Introduction to Linguistics†
LING 101 Languages of the World†
LING 200/201 Linguistic Theory and Analysis 1†/2
LING 209 Clinical Topics in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences†
LING 222 Language Acquisition†

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Opthalmology and Visual Sciences

Physical Therapy


UBC - Okanagan

UBC Okanagan Course Calendar Listings, by Department
Department Introductory and other Relevant Courses
Anthropology (Community, Culture, and Global Studies) ANTH 170 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology†
ANTH 377 Sociolinguistics
ANTH 473 Endangered Languages
ANTH 474 Pidgins, Creoles, and Created Languages
Creative and Critical Studies
Gender and Women's Studies (Community, Culture, and Global Studies)
Geography (Community, Culture, and Global Studies)
Indigenous Studies (Community, Culture, and Global Studies)